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Bona Fide, the beginning

If you’re reading this, it means you were at least a bit curious of how our brand was born. And I’m glad that you do.Bona Fide was born form the desire of creating a brand that would offer timeless, well-crafted and conscious products respecting the passing of time and planet.

I graduated in fashion design and then went to work for a fast paced fashion office. Here I would manage international accounts while also creating for private labels. Everyone that works in the textile industry knows that everything has always to be ready for yesterday, or so to say.

My mindset wasn’t really into that fast paced world. Being raised in a small town in the middle of nature I wanted to slow down, create with time and at the same time, care for the people and planet.

So that was it, I left to Barcelona to take a master degree and there my love for intentional and slow living deepened even more. There I developed a concept, for what would be now my brand, Bona Fide. A brand where I want to create pieces born from warm feelings that can be loved and cherished whilst trying my best to make the most sustainable choices I can to protect the Earth and its inhabitants.

With love, Melissa.
Founder & Designer

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