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5 things you should known about fashion sustainability

In an era in which the word “sustainability” is considered a trend, it’s urgent that fashion becomes the most sustainable it can be. Climate change is not a utopia, it is a reality and the proof of this is the daily news coming from the four corners of the world. It is urgent that we change our behavior, it’s essential that we realize that the way we consume as individuals has a universal impact.

If dressing up is vital, what can we do to make our choices in line with a conscious and ethical behavior?

1. The fashion industry is the third most polluting industry in the world. Did you know that to create a pair of jeans you spend approximately 3500 liters of water? Do we really need another pair in our closet?

2. Look for brands with well-defined ethical values. From a good work practice, to choosing ecological, biodegradable, recycled materials, to waste-free packaging, to transportation, the whole process must have been taken into account.

3. In some cases, during the cutting process of making clothes, only 15% of the material is used, the rest is waste. There are brands that take advantage of this waste by transforming it into new materials that result in recycled fabrics, opt for these!

4. On average, one person from developed countries throws away approximately 30kg of clothes per year. To break this cycle there are two ways: don’t buy what you don’t need and donate it so that other people can use it.

5. Buying from small brands, with local production, helps to secure jobs, improve your country’s economy and consequently shortens the whole cycle.

It’s up to you, to have conscious choices, the more we inform ourselves about what we consume, the better arguments we have to influence the people around us. A better world depends on you.

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