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Journaling as a self-care ritual

Maybe you’ve already read somewhere or saw some beautiful pictures of journals. But what is journaling?

At Bona Fide we believe there are no rules for journaling. In our way of thinking, it’s a mean to connect with yourself and more important to relax your mind, body and soul.

Journaling is believed to calm anxiety and stress, and help you relax and figure out your own thoughts. You can create a habit and write every day before going to sleep, or every morning when you wake up. It’s totally up to you to decide when to write and what to write.


Here are some great tips:

1. You can write about absolutely everything
About what happened during your day or just random thoughts that have been popping in your head recently. It will help you clarify and organize your thoughts, and help you focus on the most important and positive ones.

2. Set intentions or objectives
You can set your intentions for the day by writing them down, it will help you focus and direct energy towards your objectives

3. Write about your dreams
You can write about your hopes and dreams. There’s no judgement here, there are no silly dreams, believe us, everyone has them! Feel free to dive, into your most secret and deepest thoughts.

4. Self-care ritual
Journaling can and should be a self-care ritual. Light a candle, drink some tea or even write, while listening to your favorite playlist. Rituals have power in them!

5. Your safe-zone
Be sure to write in a place where you feel the most comfortable at, and to store your journal in a safe place where only you can reach. It will make you write more freely about all the things you’re thinking about.

6. The journal
Where to write? You can write on a notebook that you already have at home and personalize the cover making it your own. Don’t have one? Well, you can finally go and buy that pretty handmade notebook you’ve been dating for ages. Just don’t forget to write on it!

7. Most important, enjoy it
Don’t feel like writing? You can draw, or make some collages. Let your creativity flow. Don’t feel like being creative or write today? It’s okay! As we said journaling is your “safe zone” and you can take your time and get back to is as a soon as you feel like it and enjoy it the most.


Do you have a journal or any more tips? We would love to hear them! If not, you should give it a try, it really is a powerful tool to help you rediscover and love yourself even more.

With love, Bona Fide.

(image via @ceciliarenard)

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