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A made to order garment is a garment made especially for you. In the Gaia collection we don’t have a stock, we make each and every garment only when an order is placed. Why?

– We are a small brand that produces exclusive collections, in very limited quantities;

– Unsold stock in one of the biggest problems regarding fashion sustainability, with a made-to-order system we only produce garments based on orders;

– With this method we can custom the measures and adapt our pieces to fit you perfectly, a garment made exclusively with you in mind.

– We make collections based on the fabrics we find. Besides working with sustainable fabrics, we also work with dead stock fabrics.
These fabrics are usually available in very small quantities, being only enough for small batches of garments. With made-to-order, we make sure every meter of this amazing fabrics goes into the right hands <3

All made-to-order garments are handmade by our seamstress with care. The time involving in the making, may vary, on how many orders we receive. Please kindly allow 1-2 weeks for the making and shipping of your order.

Do you have an urgent order? Contact us to and we will try to find a way.

We can make small alterations on made-to-order garments, like switching colors or customizing length. If you wish to do so, contact us to


At Bona Fide we only work with the most sustainable options we can find.

  • –  Sometimes we work with sustainable fabrics from Portuguese suppliers, like for example, our recycled polyester. Being a small brand, we are still trying to find the best way to work with this method.
    Why? We only produce small collections and to order a production of these sustainable fabrics, the minimum order quantity is still very large for us. Even so we will continue to try and find the best solutions regarding sustainable fabrics and work with them whenever we can.
  • –  Other times we work with dead-stock fabrics, chosen by its unique characteristics and quality. These fabrics are always sourced from local trusted suppliers, which we visit regularly, trying to find the fabrics that makes us dream about new concepts and collections.
    Some of these fabrics are leftovers from a collection or roll, being usually available in very small quantities, contributing in that way for our limited editions.

Bona Fide is proudly based in Guimarães, in the north of Portugal.
It’s an area with a vast expertise in textile and fashion industry, so we’re very close to all of our partners. Every step of the process, is made here in our proximities, allowing us to save energy on our travels, to foment the local economy and build close relations with our partners.

As you may have noticed we don’t launch new collections or products like a normal retail brand.

We have our own slow agenda. We only launch new products or collections when we truly find a fabric we love or feel like it’s the right time. We don’t specifically follow seasons neither trends.
We like to take our time on creating, and to create with an intention. This means there are times when we can launch two collections per year and times when we can launch one or three.

It’s a part of our conscious path on a journey to a more sustainable way of life.

Bona Fide comes from Latin and means “in good faith”

It’s exactly what I, as a founder, wanted to express with my brand. A new way of seeing and creating. Good faith, comes to warm our hearts and it opens a door for a new way of connecting with others and the planet.

Lets all, bona fide?

Love, Melissa.


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